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deep4life : History

Launched: October 1998
Base: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Concentration: Music that heals the soul and fills the heart
First release: Chris Gray - "Emotional Distortion" (album - cd version), Spring 1999
Email: d4l @

"Too few take bold chances on new talent. I remember being brushed off when I first started sending out music demos and some said that I didn't have a 'big name'," says chris gray, deep4life's director. "Or it was because at that time my music was considered 'too deep' and not trendy enough."

It's truly a shame that art has to take a back seat to shallow marketing practices, addiction to money and fame. So a few things have been set straight with deep4life Recordings.

We've already raised a few eyebrows with some of the label's releases. Some of you have called us crazy for attempting such a venture, but that's what deep4life's DNA is. We've invested in deep music's future by giving new artists a chance today.

You may not consider our music ground breaking but how it comes to the market is -- especially considering how much of the industry moves along in limp fashion.

Unfortunately Chicago has a shaky reputation at best with regard to how its record labels treat artists, but we want to help erase that stigma by being fair, honest and supportive.

In the end, we expect our artists will grow by touching the people who listen to what they've offered. A special thanks goes to mark “sire” nielsen for helping to provide the visual soul of deep4life. His passion is evident when viewing our logo and artwork on early release. Much love, mark! :)