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We are a Chicago-based record label and film/video production company that specializes in emotional and intellectual art with an electronic edge. deep4life embarked in 1998. deep4life offers music from up and coming global artists with feature releases from Chris Gray, Moonchildren and DaRand Land. For more information about Chris Gray and his music, please visit his website. DaRand Land's website is

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Chris Gray
"When Hoes Get Religion"

Format: 180 gram, 11-song vinyl album (single disc), full color jacket, bonus mp3s
Catalog No. D4LLP013
Runtime: 70 minutes; approximately 40 mins on vinyl record, plus 30 minutes extra on download card with 5 bonus house/techno songs
Label: deep4life recordings
Release Date: April 19, 2014
Distribution Inquiries: Contact Gramaphone Records
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Chris Gray
"I'm Through Waiting"

Release Date: May 2013

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Most of you know me for my deep house music and downbeat ambience, but here's a chance to check out my love for mellow hip hop... especially in the jazzy styles of A Tribe Called Quest.

Online and gadgets are arguably shortening our attention spans so I wanted to create a 10 minute hip hop flavored album to suit modern times. It's obvious that I'm out of my element style-wise, but we should always keep pushing ourselves to be better than we've been. Check it out!

Chris Gray pulled an April Fool's joke, leading many to believe that he was dropping a new album that day. They were pissed off. He secretly giggled because he knew that after the joke, he'd truly release a double album the next day!



You can also check out the music video "Nite Navigator" by Chris Gray and The Moonchildren. (iTunes or Quicktime required.)

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