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Sweet Abraham
Spreading Outward EP

"Days Since Past"

With a marked reverence for classic soul, funk, and experimental jazz, Sweet Abraham's approach stands as testament to the musicality often left for dead in modern dancefloor temples. Reared on an eclectic blend of sounds, Abraham now sends us a hopeful, yet melancholic stew of bitter progressions and sweet melodies.

Born and raised in Toronto, his early experiences with musical training laid the groundwork for expression that would only emerge years later after a much-desired first foray into DJ territory in the late-80's and early 90's. Sensing the need to communicate his own musical ideas, Abraham called upon his formal piano and brass roots and began developing complex soundtrack arrangements which, though, unsuitable for release to the dancefloors of the time, were effective at conjuring the spirits of the past ... leading him to his sound of today: an oddly characterized tonic of jumpy, deep-down garage and sinewy jazz house.

Paying great respect to the legendary groundbreakers and defining acts of the genre, he continues to pay homage to the lasting genius of far too many. Ranging from the gorgeous journeys of Miles Davis' "So What" and Quincy Jones' "One Mint Julep," to the skyward exploration of Stevie Wonder and Steely Dan, he is a disciple of an evolution that includes and pushes forward, rather than excludes and stagnates.

Bio credit: Diaspora Recordings

Website: Sweet Abraham

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