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J. Axel
"One Way Ticket"
D4L12011 (miniLP)

"In My Kitchen"
"Keep It To Yourself"
"On My Way"
"One Way Ticket"
"Late Night In Love"

Jonathan Axelsson is a Swedish artist that began making music very early as a drummer and pianist. J. began his piano lessons at age 6. Axelsonn's father and grandfather were also musicians.

After discovering deep house, J. is inspired by what he calls the "soft sound" which has great basslines around a 4/4 beat. Also recording under the moniker Ronin, one of J.'s early compositions appears on the Swedish label Placktown Sounds in 1998.

Axelsson also deejays and believes that the art form is one of the best ways to be a missionary for music.

Bio credit: Route45 Records

Website: Jonathan Axelsson

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