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DaRand Land
"Calming Effect" (miniLP)

"56 Nash"
"Calming Effect"
"Edge of the Looking Glass
"Portraits of Us"
"Setting My Sights"

DaRand Land is an east coast native based in San Jose, Calif. that expresses appreciation for life through his music. DaRand demonstrates this special and unique musical gift on the debut release "Blessings/Sonic Vision".

Deep4Life asked Mr. Land to breathe new life into one of Chris Gray's favorite house vocals "Grant Me Utterance". The song was penned by Billy Jack Williams and performed by Dana Stovall and her brother Paul. (Dana is credited in penning the lyrics for Dajae's hit release "Brighter Days" on Chicago-based Cajual Records.)

Without missing a beat, DaRand contributed his silky-smooth composition "Shaved Ice" to Deep4Life's Deep South Experience compilation.

Soothing his passionate fan base's withdrawal, Land returned to the studio and recorded the well-rounded mini-LP "Calming Effect". This display in artistic maturity illustrates his ability to create a variety of deep music styles.

Website: darandland.com

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