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Chris Gray
"When Hoes Get Religion"

Format: 180 gram, 11-song vinyl album (single disc), full color jacket, bonus mp3s
Catalog No. D4LLP013
Runtime: 70 minutes; approximately 40 mins on vinyl record, plus 30 minutes extra on download card with 5 bonus house/techno songs
Label: deep4life recordings
Release Date: April 19, 2014
Distribution Inquiries: Contact Gramaphone Records
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-- Who You Callin' a HOE?
Don't tell us you've not encountered someone who is all up in your face once they get excited about something. Colour us guilty. Chris gray wrote some songs about it to release on limited 180-gram vinyl with colour jacket, bonus download goodies. Less than 300 copies.

-- When?
April 19, 2014.

-- Who?
We're offering a new, limited issue, single disc 11-song new Chris Gray album entitled "When Hoes Get Religion".

Listen to samples from the album:

- Track Listing -

Side Aye:

1. Own Lay Yew
2. Gonna Get Cha
3. Wood B Kewl 2 Find A Bed Uv Sunflowas
4. Hiemmel's Revenge
5. When Hoes Get Religion
6. Food Porn

Side Bee:

1. We R N Heaven
2. Come Closa
3. Rain Is Your Salvation
4. Sex Ain't Luv
5. Tear U A Nu Whole

Download Card Has All Vinyl Songs in 320Kbps MP3 Audio Format, Plus Extra 30 Minutes of Bonus Tracks:

1. Come Closa (Back Alley Remix)
2. Soft
3. Chicky Chik ago
4. Debt of Gratitude
5. Hiemmel's Revenge (Long)

-- Porque?
Yah. What they said here: Get ready to have your mind massaged, your butt jacked and your feet soaked after working up a sweat to 40 minutes of Chris' deep house music flavor, ska, reggae, techpop and tripped out mellow ambience — all on a single piece of vinyl! Yes, we're going old school. This -is- your dad's classic vinyl album, AGAIN, from the days when the artists, record labels and everyone else exhibited both a sense of shame and pride when presenting art. 2014. Let's Go!

-- Where?

We are excited about this release and thank you for waiting so patiently. Thank you. Love!

Chris Gray is probably one of few in the Chicago house music scene who was born and raised in the deep southern U.S. He uprooted, moved to Chicago and was soon baptized in the music. This serious life changing decision is a result of calculating carefully, but vigorously. No regrets!

To get into this man's mind, check out what Chris had to say when he launched Deep4Life back in 1998.

Also check out his personal website for information and music news.

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