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Deep South Experience

This is Deep4Life's first double-vinyl LP — done in our tradition of mixing up the past, the now and the future with mostly new artists.

chris gray - in time
nate de yonker - your approval
darand land - shaved ice
justin zerbst - till the next time
moonjaaz - world too mean
hiemmel - autchslurp
david swatten - glass stars
signifier (joe schmoe & eric hadley) - sawng
ewan jansen - 39 degrees

Deep South Experience is the tangible result of Chris Gray's desire to bring together new talent from all over the globe via the internet - part deux. The compilation is available through a limited pressing double vinyl sampler.

Short bios:

Chris Gray
Chris Gray is a Chicago-based artist and director of Deep4Life Recordings. He also records as Moonchildren, Damaged Sole, Moonjaaz, Hiemmel and Da Jakka.
Website: chrisgraydeep.com

Nate de Yonker
Nate de Yonker is a Michigan yankee now soaking up the hot sun in the deep south.

DaRand Land
San Jose, Calif.-based DaRand Land runs Sound Principle Recordings. Check out his Deep4Life bio.
Website: DaRand Land

Ewan Jansen & Justin Zerbst
Perth, Austria area residents Ewan Jansen and Justin Zerbt run Red Ember Records.

Chicago-area based Eric Hadley and Joe Phillips run Iris Recordings. Check out their Deep4Life bio.

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