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Thank you for visiting our website and supporting Deep4Life. We have a sincere love for the music and for the people who feel and live the deep life. Unlike others, our mission isn't defined by profit obsession.

We believe that running a smart business is important, but sharing invigorating art is D4L's top priority. We hope that you will enjoy.

With our first music releases, we've tried to give back to the community by introducing and supporting new talent. The deep music scene must be replinished by giving new kids a chance to do their thing. Occassionally you might spot contributions by veterans as well. If you're passionate about the deep life, trust us so are we.


Due to time constraints related to projects already in progress, Deep4Life is not soliciting demos at this time. Once we are able to screen new material appropriately, we will publish notice here.

If you still wish to send material, please note that we will not be able to acknowledge receipt and review of the demo until further notice. We thank you for considering Deep4Life.

It is not necessary to send cd quality material. However you may send a cds if you wish or a link to self-hosted, medium bandwidth mp3 or m4p files.

Thanks for your time and consideration.

Now the fine print.

We do send cds and vinyl test pressings to our distributors and press contacts. These are very limited considering the expense of the pressings, prepping and shipping. We try our best to keep the release costs affordable so that everyone can afford to own a copy. However and unfortunately, we do not have control over the prices set in retail stores.

May I Ask?

We'd like to but its just not financially possible to provide promos for every request. We'd have to press as many promo copies as store copies if we honored every request. Please understand our position.


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