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Various Artists
Deeper Side of the Internet

Chris Gray - "Affirmation"
Ric Dias - "Bica Feelings"
Lars Behrenroth - "Silver Surfer"
Kali - "For Nia"

Deeper Side of the Internet is the tangible result of Chris Gray's desire to bring together new talent from all over the globe via the internet. The compilation is available on cd and through a limited pressing vinyl sampler. (Both versions include exclusive tracks for their format.)

Short bios:

Dylan Drazen is a Brooklyn, New York-based artist and DJ who partnered with John Michael Davidson to form Always.
Website: Dylan Drazen

Lars Behrenroth
Artist Lars Berenroth is a Hamburg, Germany native now residing in Los Angeles, Calif..
Website: Global House Connection

Merrick Brown
Merrick Brown is a Chicago-based graphic designer that also runs Tektite Recordings.
Website: Merrick Brown

Bug Orchestra
Fabrice Lig is a lover of the Roland SH101 sound and hails from Belgium.
Website: Fabrice Lig

Ric Dias
Ric Dias is a Lisbon, Portugal-based artist with debut e.p. "Promise" on Deep4Life.
Website: Ric Dias

The Dread
Marco Fischer is the German artist behind The Dread.

Chris Gray/Da Jakka
Chris Gray is a Chicago-based artist and director of Deep4Life Recordings.
Website: http://chrisgraydeep.com

Kali is the duo of Kai Fikentscher and Ali Askin. Fitkentscher is also the author of the book on underground New York City, "You Better Work!"
Website: Buy "You Better Work!" at Amazon

Alex Kislitsyn
Russian/South Korean-based graphics and musical artist. Website: Alex Kislitsyn

Italian artist Mayo Soulomon (Andrea Salomoni).
Website: Mayo

Sweet Abraham
Jeffrey Peacock is a New York City-based artist from Toronto who operates Diaspora Recordings.
Website: Sweet Abraham

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